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Trusted Mortgage Advice | Neil Soundy Financial Services – IS IT THE RIGHT TIME TO HAVE A 5 YEAR FIXED MORTGAGE?

The rates on fixed rate mortgages have dropped to an all time low. This is due in part because of The Funding for Lending Scheme introduced by the Government. The main beneficiaries are those borrowers with 40% deposits. The table below shows rates available starting from just a 5% deposit to 40% deposit.

To obtain the best rates, some lenders will require the borrower to open a salary funded bank account.

Deposit                                    Rate                                       APR                                       Fees                      Lender

5%                                          6.39%                                    6.80%                                    £4049                      Leeds

10%                                        4.74%                                    5.70%                                    £299                        Britannia

15%                                        3.79%                                    4.40%                                    nil                           Britannia

20%                                        3.69%                                    4.00%                                    £999                       Nationwide

25%                                        3.29%                                    4.20%                                    nil                            Britannia

30%                                        3.18%                                    4.30%                                    £999                        Virgin

40%                                        2.79%                                    4.10%                                    £999                        Britannia


All lenders have different lending criteria. Let us match you to the lender who matches your personal circumstances.


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How to pay for advice.

On mortgages where commission is paid by a lender we do not charge a fee, as we are receiving a payment from the lender. Free Mortgage Advice.

On mortgages where no commission is paid, we charge a fee instead. This is £395 for arranging a mortgage up to £250,000 and £495 for a mortgage in excess of this figure. These fees are payable on completion only.

Why pay a fee for a non-commission paying mortgage? You will save more money on your monthly payments.

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