Mortgage on A Property With Two Kitchens

On this article, I will look at the issues of buying a property with 2 kitchens.

The first distinction is between a buy to let and residential.

Buy to Let

The vast majority of buy to let lenders look to lend on a property set up as a standard residential property with one single Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement (AST) covering all tenants. The reason for this is that in event of repossession it will be easier to repossess and sell the property.  This route offers the most competitive rates.

A property with two kitchens will be declined with most Buy to Let (BTL) lenders as they believe that this will be tenanted with multiple tenants on multiple AST’s. There are specialist lenders who will lend on these type of properties. The drawback being higher rates and possibly falling into HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) criteria.


The distinction on residential borrowing is whether the second kitchen an integral part of a granny annexe and used by a family member or a distinct stand alone the second kitchen. The majority of residential lenders accept an annexe used by family but will decline a standalone second kitchen. The reason for this is that they feel the second kitchen could indicate use other than a family home.

Options- Utility / Laundry Room or 100% retention

1. Where you are buying a property where you intend to remove the second kitchen a possible way forward is the seller to remove the cooker and present it as a utility/laundry room. However, it will be subject to the valuer’s comments and whether it looks credible.

2. The other option is applied to a lender who will then issue a mortgage offer but hold back 100% of the funds (retention is the technical term) until the second kitchen has been removed. You then exchange contracts remove the second kitchen (subject to the seller’s agreement) arrange for a re-inspection by the valuer. As long as the valuer can confirm to the lender that the kitchen has been removed the retention will be lifted by the lender allows you to complete on standard terms. I recommend you discuss the legal implications with your solicitor regarding this route.

This is not straightforward lending and will require the cooperation of all parties to have a successful conclusion.

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